How Triall Streamlines Clinical Trials via Blockchain-Integrated Software Solutions

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The Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) has got to a point that it is not only used for financial-related transactions.

Now, you can use the blockchain for many other purposes. Triall is leveraging the DLT to create an ecosystem that does not only streamlines clinical trials but also makes it easier to unite the important parties.

The Mission

Triall is on a mission to unify the global clinical trial sector. To do this, the Triall team understands that the important persons need to be involved.

This involvement is enabled via the creation of an ecosystem that unifies the Patients, the Contributors, the Researchers, and the Providers of the software solutions.

The Triall Digital Clinical Trial Solutions

Here are some of the products that Triall is offering to the users:

1. Atena PRM

Atena PRM is meant to be a Partnership Relationship Management (PRM) platform in the sense that it is the central medium of connection for the relevant parties in the Triall ecosystem.

Ordinarily, these partners tend to be working under a fragmented ecosystem whereby their services are not unified. This is the case with the traditional clinical trial process.

However, the Triall team thought it to be worth the investment to create a unified ecosystem for the partners. This ecosystem is Atena PRM and it features most of the partners in the clinical trial process.

For example, the Atena PRM serves as a veritable platform that connects both the outsourcers and the vendors in the clinical trial process.

This way, both parties will have a seamless collaboration that would lead to positive impacts on the quality and efficiency of the clinical trial operations.

2. Verial eTMF

This is a blockchain-enabled document management solution. It is no news that some important details are left out in the clinical trial process. Details relating to the outcome of the researches and the patients’ data are sometimes lost.

This is why the Triall team created Verial eTMF to be a blockchain-enabled document management solution. The idea is that this clinical document management solution will be used to protect the data, as well as authenticating the data to be sure it is accurate.

Also, the Verial eTMF is designed to enable the seamless collection of the relevant documents that would be used for the reconstruction and inspection of the clinical trial operations.

3. Triall CTMS

This is the third and one of the most important clinical trial solutions proposed by Triall. The Triall CTMS is a blockchain-powered Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS).

The relevance of the Triall CTMS is that it is used to bolster the market demand for better clinical trial study analytics, more proactive risk mitigation, better clinical trial reporting, and better visibility.

Besides, the Triall CTMS offers a tailor-made API, which can be used to enable the availability of the Triall suite of clinical trial solutions on the platforms that integrate its API.

Wrapping Up

Clinical trials can be improved and made simpler for everyone. With the variety of solutions rolled out by Triall, it is now easier to streamline and carry out a wide range of clinical trial activities on the blockchain.

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