Hup Life – The First NFT Marketplace with International Copyright Enforcement

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) empower artists to create and sell their artworks on the digital space. The adoption of NFTs is not unconnected to the growing concerns over the sidelining of artists in the traditional setting.

Artists need to be paid the worth of their works instead of being cheated along the line. That and many more are what NFTs resolve.

Hup Life is on a mission to become one of the artist-centric NFT marketplaces, because it offers the artists the opportunity to sell their works without being shortchanged.

Also, the Hup Life NFT Marketplace provides a medium for artists to protect their works against copyright infringement. This feature is missing on most of the NFT Marketplaces. So, you rest assured that Hup Life is the first to implement such.

International NFT Copyright: What does it hold for Artists?

Of what use is the protection of artworks via International Copyright? Why is Hup Life concerned about this?

The reason for this is because some digital art buyers purchase NFTs with the sole purpose of reselling the same. Considering that the NFTs have been sold to them, there may be little or no way for the original authors to safeguard the NFTs from copyright infringement.

Besides, the current system of NFTs is not fully decentralized, because most of the protocols used for the file sharing/transfer are hinged on centralized systems. This is in addition to the fact that NFT authors do not get a share from the future resale of their arts.

To that end, Hup Life opted to fully empower artists via the Internationally Enforceable Copyright NFT system that registering as a corporation incorporated under the laws of the Federal Government of Canada.

Through this incorporation, Hup Life is officially licensed to offer legal NFT protection to artists who wish to use the Hup Life NFT Marketplace to publish and market their digital art.

The Hup Life Touch

Hup Life couldn’t have been launched if there were no intentions to solve some of the challenges that plague the current Non-Fungible Token (NFT) ecosystem.

In light of that, here are some of the ways that the Hup Life platform will reinvent and reshape the NFT ecosystem:

1. Copyright Transfers

The first thing that Hup Life does is to facilitate the transfer of the copyrights to digital art to the purchasers. This is done to give the buyers or purchasers full control over the digital art they are purchasing from the art creators or authors.

The process of transferring the digital art from the creator to the buyer is done via the Ghost NFT protocol.

2. Cut from Future Resale

Unlike the traditional NFT system that doesn’t provide for future resale, the Hup Life NFT Marketplace offers that.

This means that digital art creators/authors will receive a cut from the future resale of their original artworks.


The Hup Life NFT ecosystem does not only fill most of the lacunas in the traditional NFT marketplace. It also introduces new mechanisms to take the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) ecosystem to the next level.

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