Monetize Your Audio Content Through GistCoin

The new form of social media communication is one where we can now share our thoughts using audio.

This new trend was popularized by the likes of Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, and Green Room. With drop-in audio communication driving the next-generation social media communication, it goes to show how relevant GistCoin can be.

What is GistCoin?

GistCoin is a crypto token used for monetization purposes. This monetization concept was developed considering the non-availability of income-generating options on the current online audio communication channels.

The founders of the project are working tirelessly to create a monetization tool that empowers both the content creators and their fans to profit from the system.

GistHouse is the major platform backing all that GistCoin does. It is designed to be a model for the next-generation online audio conversation ecosystem.

The missing gap being filled by GistHouse is the opening up of monetization options. For example, content creators can now place a monetary value on the audio content they share across several social media platforms.

On the other hand, the fans or the other users of these social media platforms can also leverage that opportunity to get incentivized or rewarded by the content creators.

In all, GistHouse is a robust platform that could set the standard for the advancement of the drop-in audio conversation market. It will use GistCoin to reward the deserving members of the ecosystem.

Advantages of GistCoin

GistCoin has several advantages that come with it. As a savvy social media user, these are some of the reasons why you should be interested in GistCoin:

  • Cross-Platform Usability

The first benefit of GistCoin is that it can be used across multiple platforms. This is much better than the limitations faced when using some of the social media platforms for monetization purposes.

Thanks to the decentralized architecture and the globalized approach, GistCoin can now be used to monetize content creators on Twitter, influencers on Facebook, and celebrities on Instagram.

As the project advances, considerations will be made to introduce other platforms where GistCoin can be used as a monetization tool or incentive mechanism.

  • Decentralized Incentive Model

The other aspect of GistCoin is that the crypto token can be used by every member of the broader GistHouse ecosystem.

The concept is to leverage the decentralized perspective of the token to create an unlimited approach to drop-in audio communication.

Asides from rewarding the content creators or influencers, GistCoin can also be used among the other members. For example, it is possible to use it for follower-to-follower and user-to-user transactions.

Besides, the token can also be issued as incentives from the content creators to the fans or the other members of the broader GistHouse ecosystem.

  • Reduced Platform Fees

Using GistCoin could also be a “smart way” of getting over the high fees charged by some social media platforms for adverts.

With the organic marketing approach, influencers can now save more funds and earn higher revenue.

Audio content monetization is the next phase in the new drop-in audio content market. GistCoin has what it takes to “make the money flow” in this social media communication system.

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