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Data otherwise called Personal Information is important to both the owners and advertisers. As technology continues to advance, it is obvious that more advertisers need in-depth information about their target audience so they can offer them the service that they need.

The demand for data is not only high. It has opened up more opportunities for data theft from platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

No matter the challenges you have had with the illegal use of your data, I am confident that you will be impressed with the variety of opportunities presented by Tapmydata.

This is a revolutionary milestone in the Personal Information industry as we are set to enjoy some of the personalized solutions offered by Tapmydata for the overall protection of your information across platforms.

Your Data is Your Destiny

At the core of the operations of the broader Tapmydata protocol is the entrustment of your Personal Information to you alone.

The idea is that you can now take control of your data and decide who to issue it to and how much it is worth. This is something centralized platforms like Facebook wouldn't do.

Besides, this new method of data control as put forward by Tapmydata ensures that we are slowly navigating away from the hay days when our data is stored in data silos.

This time, you can easily find out about data breaches and how your Personal Information was breached or illegally used via the Tapmydata app.

Process Your Information on the Go

The time has come for you to understand how your data is being used even when you are on the go.

That is what Tapmydata does by allowing you to process your information on the go via the dedicated mobile applications.

The Tapmydata app is readily available on both Android and iOS devices. You can download yours from the respective app distribution platforms so you will abreast of the uses of your data.

Personalize Your Data

Tapmydata shows how committed it is to protect your data by allowing you to hold and access your information.

I must mention that the idea here is for you to securely lock your Personal Information so no other party can have access to it. Also, you are allowed to access the secured data from your smartphone.

I must also mention that below the data storage options, the Tapmydata app also allows you to enter an email through which you will receive notifications if your data is ever breached.

Earn from Your Data

It will be one-sided if all Tapmydata does is to allow you to protect your data. That informs the reason why the team included an incentive mechanism that allows you to earn crypto when your data is being accessed.

This incentive mechanism is designed to allow you to earn the native token of Tapmydata, TAP.

You can earn the TAP token when you perform specific actions like Minting NFT data licenses and requesting your Personal Information/data stored on the platform.

You can also earn the TAP token when you join data pools by connecting your NFTs to the pools. That way, you will earn ongoing value from your data.

Tapmydata Rights Management Platform

It was only recently that Facebook and Twitter included an option for you to download your Personal Information gathered on the platforms over time.

I must mention that although the information is released to you for perusal; that is not all the pieces of information stored on the platform. So, do not be quick to believe that you can always demand your data.

However, I am optimistic that you can demand your data release on Tapmydata. The processes to do that and the objective are detailed under the Tapmydata Rights Management Platform.

The essence of the Rights Management Platform is to create an opening for you to request for your data in line with the GDPR regulations.

Also, the Rights Management Platform empowers you to order for the repatriation of your data in any machine-readable format.

That is in addition to the simplified processes of ordering for the deletion of specific data you do not want any longer in the public domain.

The Tapmydata App

The innovative data protection and ownership solutions created by Tapmydata are enforced via the Tapmydata mobile application.

This application serves as the primary medium of data access by both data owners and data users/companies.

Among the many features of the Tapmydata app is:

  • File sharing
  • Personal datastore
  • Secure End-to-end encrypted messaging
  • Directory of organizations and
  • Digital wallet

Meet The Tapmydata team in the image below


Take advantage of the innovative data protection features offered by Tapmydata so you can maintain absolute control over your Personal Information.

For more information, look up the listed links below

Website https://tapmydata.com/

Whitepaper http://docs.tapmydata.com/

Twitter https://twitter.com/tapmydata

Telegram http://telegram.tapmydata.com/

Authored by Bountyox User Ericks1

Note: “A sponsored article written for a bounty reward.”



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