The Unique Features of the LunaChow Project

LunaChow is a community-driven cryptocurrency project. It wants to provide different kinds of solutions and in this article, you will find out what these solutions are.

Background to the Project

The success of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu positively influenced many cryptocurrency enthusiasts. These persons saw how what were originally termed “joke or meme cryptocurrencies” turned around the fortunes of many people for good, while inspiring others with creative ideas.

LunaChow is one of the projects that bank on the success of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu to create something different, but unique. LunaChow is all out to ensure that cryptocurrencies as financial inclusion and liberation vehicles are taught to as many people as possible.

The designation as a project backed by the community can also aid in this process, as LunaChow would be banking on the diverse, but informed opinions of the community to take the project to higher heights.

That being said, let us now talk about some of the integral components of the broader LunaChow ecosystem:

Absolute Fair Launch

LunaChow is launched on the premise of giving anyone and everyone the opportunity to make informed investment decisions. Thus, you can expect it to be free of any overt control, including manipulations in prices of the token.

The fair launch model used by la means that each and every prospective investor is allowed to be a part of the initial or early-stage fundraising for the project.

2. Locked Liquidity

It is not unbecoming for some cryptocurrency investors to get into the presales or initial funding rounds of a cryptocurrency, before any other person can get the idea. Then, when the coin is listed for public sales, these early-stage investors would wait for the presales to be over so they can dump or sell off their tokens.

This model could potentially have drastic negative effects on the future value of the tokens. LunaChow moves towards cutting down on such occurrences by locking the liquidity of the project. That way, the investors would be confident that the liquidity wouldn’t be tampered with, at least, for a maximum timeframe.

3. Charity Drive

The LunaChow token also has a unique value proposition — rendering as much help as possible. This is included in its Charity Drive, a model incorporated for the purpose of helping the poor, vulnerable and marginalized in the society.

Children are the priority here and plans have been made to cater to the educational needs of most of the marginalized kids in developing parts of the world, especially Africa.

4. Decentralized Token

The LunaChow token is also a fully-decentralized crypto token, making it practically impossible to use it for purposes of which it wasn’t created for.

The team behind LunaChow is working round-the-clock to ensure that the project meets most of the goals in the shortest time possible.

Issuing a decentralized token, creating an inclusive ecosystem and allowing the token holders/community members to be a part of the ongoing growth of the project is commendable.

In my opinion, I think that LunaChow has come up with brilliant ideas, but it must not rest on its oars. The steps to building this into a scalable and widely adopted project are still many, and all hands need to be on deck to make this happen.

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