One of the best things that has happened in the 21st Century is the invention of blockchain technology which has brought about a great change in the way things are done all around the world. This change has come to stay for the many centuries to come.

It’s worth noting that cryptocurrency exchanges are currently embroiled in a game of wit, where each tries to outsmart the other. These challenge of trying to be beeter is what brought about a project name VOLENTIX

Volentix chooses to enter this sphere with a different orientation of literally "uniting the warring parties" and making them viable for traders to establish transactions across many crypto trading platforms.

Thus, it fosters the distribution of digital assets in a timely manner and without third party affiliations.

The Hallmark of Volentix’s Solutions

The Four V’s

As part of its working framework, the Volentix exchange constituted four viable platforms for a seamless transaction. These arrays of applications that would work within its ecosystem are VDex, Venue, Vespucci, and Verto. It would be of immense benefit to the target audience to understand their workings. Hence, the functionalities are itemized below:

Although the four have distinct features that make them appealing to end-users, VDex has a higher hand in the affairs of the platform. It is a truly decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that serves as a link to other trading platforms. For instance, users can be able to see orders from many exchanges through VDex. In the same regard, it enthrones collaborative trading by combine order books that are permissible on a liquidity pool. As a security approach, VDex allows users to be in possession of their private keys as opposed to the exchange being in possession of it.


This platform is strictly for disseminating information about the exchange. For instance, users in this category are charged with the task of publicizing the workings of Volentix in exchange for the native token, VTX. The members of this community would also help in distributing the token to other users.


Have you wondered about the possibility of getting real-time data about the market? You needn’t risk any further investments because Vespucci gives you access to quality and timely information about market trends, which, in turn, empowers you to make a feasible trading decision.


Verto is the last on the list of pillars in the Volentix ecosystem and comes packed with features that enhance trades. It functions as a multi-currency wallet that allows you to store and trade with many digital assets, it also empowers users to have full control over their assets, including public and private keys.

New DAE in the Offing

Considering the anticipated milestones that would spring forth from the above features, Volentix is on the way to setting another DAE roadmap in the crypto-sphere. The new Digital Assets Ecosystem (DAE) in view is one that includes a market rating, decentralized exchange, a multi-currency wallet, and an incentive program. All these are inherent features found in the four V’s listed above – Verto, Vespucci, Venue, and VDex.

Allocation of Tokens

Crowd Sales: 78%

Seed Funding: 3%

Facilitators and Contributors: 19%

Token Sales Information

Ticker: VTX

Token Supply: 2.1 billion

Role of Token: Utility

Exchange Rate: 1 VTX = $0.17 USD

Country of Registration: Georgia

Not Participating: China and the USA

The Team

Final Thoughts

The struggle for dominance by many blockchain-based platforms is not ending anytime soon. Hence, the need to gain recognition forces many projects to think outside the box. With Volentix’s formulations, we’re edging close to experience the full-blown prospects of a new Digital Assets Ecosystem, which addresses many loopholes in the current cryptocurrency trading platforms.

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